A 1990 20x24 painting on canvas of 3 Loas by Prospere Pierre-Louis from a private collection

A 1990 painting on canvas of 3 Loas by Prospere Pierre-Louis/CC Licensed

Postcolonial Studies @ Emory is a student-authored project in (perpetual) progress at the English Department at Emory University. Begun in Spring 1996, it aims to furnish introductory level information on important creative and critical figures and significant topics in Postcolonial Studies.

This site currently contains more than 150 pages on postcolonial authors, artists, theorists, terms and issues. Please note that we have tried to avoid duplication of existing resources on the internet in this project; hence the absence of certain obvious topics which may be found elsewhere on the web quite readily.  If some pages look like they are duplications of information available elsewhere, please pay attention to our dates of publication, because they probably appeared first on this site.  Suggestions for new pages are welcome.

What’s New in 2012

Postcolonial Studies @ Emory is now an interactive site. It includes opportunities for scholars to share information about calls for papers on topics related to Postcolonial Studies, as well as information about new publications and articles in postcolonial studies that individuals would like to bring to our collective attention.  Moreover, readers can now contribute comments on pages, including corrective information, relevant new publications on the page topic, or, of course, kudos. Here you may post CFPs, and announcements about relevant publications, preferably with a brief summary.  The revamped site has undergone several usability tests to make it accessible to a range of users; we apologize if we have been unable to accommodate the needs of others. If you have questions, please e-mail the faculty developer of this project, Deepika Bahri. Please note that we are not able to furnish email, snail mail, or any other contact information about the many authors, critics, and artists listed on this site.  Since many requests have come in over the years for information about citing from these pages, or reproducing them for course packs, an instructions page has been developed for your convenience here.


Since 1996, Deepika Bahri has created and maintained content for Postcolonial Studies @ Emory with her students. In 2011, she won a Mellon grant from Emory’s Digital Scholarship Commons (DiSC) to redesign the site in collaboration with the DiSC staff and relaunch in 2012.  Credits for that project are as follows:

Project Management: Moya Bailey
Style Editing: Moya Bailey, Victoria Rui Tao, Brian Croxall, Franky Abbott
Content Editing: Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli, Asha French, Roopika Risam, Caroline Schwenz
General Editing: Victoria Rui Tao, Brian McGrath Davis, Graham Stewart
Project Consulting: Franky Abbott, Tim Bryson, Brian Croxall, Sandra Still, Scott Turnbull, Stewart Varner

Author: Deepika Bahri